The Crown of Myth: A Suicide Romance

| August 1, 2020

If school is hell, Sophia and Audrey are definitely demons. 

There’s no point staying. One more step off the cliff and all this hell would end.  

No harm making one last wish, Myth thought. It’s supposedly just a dumb legend: when one wishes upon a full moon, one’s dream will come true.

But when a fae appears and escorts her to an alternate world where a hot fae prince awaits, Myth knows it’s more than a legend.

Myth is to be the prince’s princess, his mate. And who can resist his alluring glance and perfectly shaped tanned body. 

He will do everything to keep her from harm.

But her new role is not as simple as it seems, and secrets and dangers lurk behind this new world. 

Will she uncover the truth in time or be doomed to a fate worse than death?

–The Crown of Myth is a young adult magical realism / low fantasy story set between the real world and an alternate world blooming with magic and faes. It’s a tale of mystery, romance & self-discovery.

For fans of:
– Suicide romance
– High school fantasy romance
– Alternate universe romance
– Dark fantasy fae romance

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