Vampires Of Twilight Castle

| August 1, 2020

When 17 year old Kaia was just about ready to enjoy her life in the wilds of the enchanted, yet dark city of Nocteraia, tragedy struck—her mother disappears without a trace. A day turns into a week, and before long, an entire month passes before the authorities admit the disappearance has them stumped. On the verge of mental break, a grieving Kaia is visited by a woman who claims to know where her mother is and how to reclaim her. 

Desperate to find her beloved mother, Kaia joins “The Fraternity”, an academy she quickly realizes is a coven of witches preparing for war against their perennial enemies:Vampires and Lycans. But as Kaia is given a mission to spy on a Lycan stronghold all by herself, an ancient Vampire is also there, and her circumstances take a turn for the worse.

In Book One of The Scarlet Incantatrix Series, Asher presents a riveting tale of magic, death, and romance, perfect for fans of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. 

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