Nobody Would Believe

| January 25, 2014


Nobody Would Believe

An over thinker, over achiever, and an under-believer…. that’s what her best friend would say if she had to describe her. Mariella was a single mom with a gift for stringing words together in a way that somehow made sense of the chaos, yet when it came to having faith in her own ability she was at a loss for words.

Raising two kids alone in the age of technology didn’t scare her, buying a house and learning how to fix electrical outlets didn’t scare her, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… these things did not scare her, changing a flat tire on the highway didn’t scare her. Publishing her first “real” book for public consumption, that scare the bejesus out of her!

She was content living her life on Cape Cod, watching her two kids transition from babies to teenagers, coffee on the beach each morning, a cup of tea on the porch swing each night, writing children’s books for pleasure at her leisure, not dating (let’s be real, nobody enjoys dating). No, she was content living her quiet life, that is, until Craig walked back into her world and made her rethink her goals, her abilities and her dreams.

Damn that Craig… or should she thank him?


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