TWIN PASSIONS: (A Logan Brothers Novel)

| January 25, 2014


TWIN PASSIONS: (A Logan Brothers Novel)

Zack Logan has always lived in his twin, Cade’s, shadow. Cade is the local hero in town, his epic victories in the boxing ring making him a major heart-throb among the local female population. But when Zack first sees Gemma on Cade’s arm, his jealously begins to consume him.

Gemma Watson knew Zack in high school, and they were best friends before Zack was expelled and ripped from her grasp. When she meets Cade in the gym years later, she thinks it’s Zack and is drawn towards him. Sucked in like every other girl in town, Gemma and Cade soon start a fast relationship, bringing her back into contact with the first boy she ever cared for…the first boy she ever kissed – Zack.

But when Gemma’s boss, editor of a national lifestyle magazine, steps in, Gemma is put in a position where her loyalty to both brothers will be sorely tested. With a big promotion dangling in front of her eyes, and the biggest fight of Cade’s boxing career on the horizon, everything builds to a crescendo, where pain, betrayal, and local scandal hang in the balance.

TWIN PASSIONS is a novel about the Logan Brothers, told from the triple perspective of Gemma, Zack, and Cade. It can be read as a standalone story and also within the larger context of the lives of the Logan Brothers.

Genre – New Adult Romance/Romantic Suspense

Recommended Reading 17+

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