Hacking Student Debt: How to Save 20%+ in 8 Weeks

| January 25, 2014


Hacking Student Debt: How to Save 20%+ in 8 Weeks (Pay Off Student Debt Fast) (Simply the Best Methods for Paying Off Student Debt)

Save Huge on Student Loan Pay Off

Some financial ‘magic’ you may not be aware of that saved me thousands – $6,500 to be exact.

Do you want 20% less student debt? Pay Off Debt Faster? Lower payments Without Consolidation?

Of course you do – so did I – that’s why I wrote all of the best ideas I had on how to pay off your student debt in this e-book. 20% savings on your student loans is the reason you need to read this. I understand that a number of the methods we present are not conventional in any sense but that’s why they work. Not to mention they are practical, legal, and safe. .

I outline for readers exactly what I did to pay off my own student debt with countless examples and graphs. Additionally, I highlight 3 other methodologies that have the same savings potential with doing nothing more than a little paper work.

Take Advantage of Changes in Financial Markets Quickly

In my personal quest to get rid of my student loans I discovered a number of ways to drastically reduce my total loan balance and monthly payments but realized that some of the most effective ones won’t be around forever so I encourage you to take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Simplify your Student Loans

Student debt is confusing, and unnecessarily so. We outline how student debt works and help you to think of your own personal financial situation. From there, we guide you through the best way to navigate your own pay off options.

We’ll cover…

Auto Debits

Student Debt Basics and Why the System is Broken

Using Your Lender’s Calculations Against Them

How to Pay Off Debt Fast

Leveraging Real Estate

Leveraging Your 401K

Comprehensive Loan Forgiveness Data

Bonus: In researching a number of ways to pay-off student debt I stumbled on a great way to get out of credit card debt and added it to the appendix completely free. My goal is provide value to all those who buy the book and I encourage you to pass along the ideas and help people start saving some money!

About the Author

My name is Steve Welles and in 2011 I graduated from college in economics and mathematics with $30K in debt (which is a fairly average). I had a great job at Goldman Sachs and even I was still struggling with student debt. I became incredibly frustrated with the lack of quality information and noticed a complete absence of “outside the box” thinking on how to pay them off.

So I went to work researching and thinking – between the education I’d received after founding a real estate company, my formal education, and working in the finance industry for a couple years I feel like I understand student debt and how to save people a lot of money. Ultimately I ended up saving about $6,500 and believe millions – literally millions – of others can too. Please let me know if you have questions and visit our page at thestudentdebtsolution.com for other news and resources. Sign up for our newsletter and Skype consultation service.

Best of luck!


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