Kevin the Rainbow Snail: The Little Fox with Bad Manners (book 3)

The rainbow snail Kevin and his friend Rabbit have begun a new adventure. Once again, Kevin uses the magic of color to do a good deed.

This story teaches children good behavior. In addition to understanding what true friendship means, children learn the manners they need every day.

This story shows how to deal with a bully in a nice way. “A kind word opens even the iron door.”

Roxy the fox is a bully. Kevin accepts the wise advice of an old turtle and teaches the fox how to become polite. There are a few sentences that people find difficult to say such as: Sorry, Please, I love you, etc. Kevin can teach your child there is no shame in admitting guilt or talking about your feelings.

This book contains cheerful illustrations that children will be delighted to see over and over. Gentle rhymes are suitable for all ages with interesting heroes to educate your child.

This is the perfect bedtime book for your toddlers and also great for all people who work with children. If you want to teach your child manners, this is the perfect book for you.

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