The break up, the make up and a whole lot of pants!

| January 26, 2014


The break up, the make up and a whole lot of pants!

More hilarious antics from Alex Hunter…
So, if Alex thought sixth form was going to be easy, she was so wrong. It’s bad enough that her mum is dating the teacher but when her mum gets a job at school, Alex decides she must take matters into her own hands. With the help of her mates, Alex plots to split the pair up. Surely life would be so much easier (and less embarrassing) if her mum no longer went out with Mr Troy, wouldn’t it?
And why can’t Alex admit that she really ‘really’ likes Lewis Ashworth? Just as Alex is about to finally work it all out, Arabella Darcy (the gorgeous new girl with a personality to rival Kitty Vickers) has other plans, she wants Lewis all to herself and she isn’t about to let Alex stand in her way.
Things get worse for Alex when her mum brings home someone even worse than Mr Troy. Alex is barely on speaking terms with Lewis, Arabella seems to be winning the battle and is involved in Alex’s life way more than Alex could have ever imagined. Will Alex ever manage to sort it all out or has her scheming and plotting finally gone too far this time….


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