Kidnapped (A Mystery and Espionage Thriller)

| January 26, 2014


Kidnapped (A Mystery and Espionage Thriller)

Ever wonder about dealing with terrorists and kidnapping?

This is an amazing story about a Bedouin beauty, who is raised as an Israeli, becomes a lawyer and is recruited to the Israeli ‘Mossad’…She is abducted together with a judge, who is also a ‘Mossad’ man, and both of them are held by a terrorist organization…jailed in a cave in harsh imprisonment conditions.

Kidnapped” is a brilliant story that expertly weaves together thriller, mystery, suspense, and intrigue. The power and resiliency of the human spirit is conveyed here with such emotion as to be overwhelmingly honest.

This thrilling plot, deals with the moral dilemma’s that torment individuals and countries when faced with terrorists and kidnapping. 

It is a sobering look at political prisoners and the moral and national issues surrounding them. Add to that the remote and romantic locations of the dessert Bedouins and an exotic female spy and you have one fantastic read! 

Kidnapped” is a mystery thriller and espionage story that plots an incredible journey of love, loss, freedom, and political ties.

Garb your copy now!

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