Minnie Chase Makes A Mistake

| January 29, 2014


Minnie Chase Makes A Mistake

Think before you speak…

Minnie Chase is an ordinary girl and an extraordinary mathematician. She has a great job and a husband-to-be and loves them both. She is brilliant with numbers but finds people more of a challenge. She believes that if she can just master the art of being normal, her life might turn out right.

Ashton Greene is one of the most powerful and celebrated CEOs in business. He has the world at his feet and a glamorous fiancée at his side.

When Minnie meets Greene she has a sudden rush of words to the head and says something that she really, really shouldn’t have said. As a result, Greene’s perfect world is catastrophically turned upside down.

The subsequent fallout disastrously affects Minnie too. She sets out to correct her mistake, to put things right. She doesn’t know where to start or how to achieve this but she is determined to succeed.

She soon finds out that it is easier said than done.


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