Horizons Past (Island Beach Romance)

| January 29, 2014


Horizons Past (Island Beach Romance)

“Brilliant” “Setting is Stunning” “Funny, Romantic, and Dramatic”

“Horizons Past Is a Terrific Read!” Linda Schuler author of Hidden Shadows

Horizons Past is a romantic love story between Trish Lowe, a movie star, and Christopher Maven, a reclusive beach poet, that examines the possibility of two people with opposite lifestyles developing a lasting relationship, when all they have in common is a shared goal ”” to escape who they are. Guilt, “Hollywood,” and a hurricane all collide, keeping the resolution just out of reach until the reclusive poet and movie star learn ”” letting go of each other is even harder than letting go of the past.

Bill Stephens’ ability to place the reader in each scene is remarkable. Trish’s movie action scenes, and the roaring passages that tell of the hurricane’s destruction, are crisply detailed and lend urgency, and the love story’s realism transcends both Trish’s glamour and Chris’ guilt to make for an unanticipated and satisfying ending that readers will jump up and cheer.

˃˃˃ “Brilliant”

“Horizons Past is a profound novel of transformation. The setting is stunning. A hurricane provides the thundering climax of this brilliant novel of human struggle and redemption.” ”” Florence Weinberg, Ph.D., author of Unrest in Edenut copy here to support the headline above it.

˃˃˃ “Funny, Romantic, and Dramatic”

“What follows is a funny, romantic and dramatic story of fame, loss, and reconnection. You can smell it, taste it, and even feel the sand between your toes as you read.” ”” Cindy Leal Massey, author of Helotes, Fire Lillies, and The Texas Ranger and the Naturalist.

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