Escape from America combines one American expat’s experience living and working in the United States and China to give an unvarnished account of the world’s dominant superpowers. From a ground-level perspective, Vinnie Apicella finds surprising likenesses between these two seemingly vastly different nations. His bold insights reveal the real people of each country and emphasize the differences between their experiences and the ongoing political rhetoric.

As Escape from America shows, the opinions, achievements, and anxieties of working people in each country are relevant to us all. Apicella argues that much can be learned living among the locals and looking beyond false façades and fabricated truths. Using a balanced blend of praise and criticism toward both countries, he highlights the potential for upward mobility through mutual tolerance and trust.

Apicella sets out to educate and entertain through anecdotes, observations, and years of hard-earned experience. He points to lessons learned about family, education, business, and society inside China to help encourage cultural exchange of ideas and ideals so that we may all benefit. His inspirational story will change our perspective and persuade us to think critically, not just about America, not just about China, but also the place we call “home” and our place in it.

In Escape from America, Apicella provides a blueprint to overcome our biases, fears, and insecurities. He points us in the right direction to explore new trails. He challenges us to expand our horizons. He shows us that, through what he has learned from living abroad, we can improve our understanding of one another while better understanding ourselves.

Vinnie Apicella is a professional business writer with more than 30 years’ experience. He has written for Forbes, film and music companies, medical publishers, and e-commerce businesses. Originally from New York, he relocated to China in 2011 and currently operates Shanghai EDGE Consulting to assist students achieve greater success in academics or their professional career.  

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Meet Vinnie Apicella

Wow, I’m an “authorpreneur.” I could never conceive of that back when I first took an interest in writing so many years ago. It’s wonderful really, opening doors for us writers to become viable authors and share our work with the public. Quite the learning experience!

My writing career began by drafting press releases and artist bios for NYC music and film companies, then later producing financial articles for Forbes, travel and tourism pieces for a medical publisher, and more recently, marketing and sales copy for a Beijing-based e-commerce firm. I guess you could say I’ve run the gamut of writing on diverse subjects.

I am originally from New York and earned my BA from Columbia University where my guidance counselor had to “convince” me that choosing a major in Literature & Writing wasn’t a waste of time. In hindsight, he was right. Indeed there is much value in a Liberal Arts-based education where primary importance is placed on reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Several years later I relocated to Beijing to reinvent myself and pursue new opportunities for business.

Today, I oversee Shanghai EDGE Consulting, an online education company where I assist students at home and abroad to improve their interpersonal skills and guide them toward achieving greater success in academics or their professional career.

I sincerely hope that my new book, Escape from America, can help make a positive impact on society, and inspire others to improve their lives and pursue their passions.