Organic Gardening’s Growing Garlic: Grow your very own favorite garlic outside or indoors

| January 30, 2014


Organic Gardening's Growing Garlic: Grow your very own favorite garlic outside or indoors (Black Gold Organic Gardening)

Introducing A Brand New Addition To The “Organic Gardening” Series by Michael O’Halloron.

For thousands of year’s cooks, chefs, herbalists and medicine doctors from all over the world have been fascinated by the wonders put forth by garlic. Garlic has even intrigued gardeners since the beginnings of agrarian societies, and no wonder! Garlic’s reputation as a medicinal and healthy food, its variety of flavors, and its ability to be a companion plant to protect other plants from pests make it a good choice for gardeners.

Flavorful and simple to grow, garlic is among the easiest of foods to store. The design of this book is to help give you a foundation from which to choose the best types of garlic to grow in your zone and region and select the best flavor to please your palate.

It demonstrates how to prepare the planting bed, encourage the growth of your crop, and finally leads you into the harvesting, curing, storing and many uses of your homegrown treasure.

Last but not least, you will find recipes for dishes and sauces with which to creatively use your new harvest, as well as a collection of unusual and handy non-traditional uses for garlic.

Growing garlic is an enjoyable and relatively easy activity to be practiced by people of all ages from small future gardeners to seniors enjoying the relaxation of their garden plots. With the instructions and information provided in this book, the process is simplified.

In Growing Garlic you will find:


    • Soil Preparation And Preferences.


  • When To Plant Your Garlic.



  • How Many Garlic Bulbs Do You Need?



  • How to Plant Garlic.



  • What About Mulching?



  • When To Water And When Not To.



  • How To Control Competing Plants.



  • Harvesting Your Garlic.



  • Curing And Storing Your Garlic.



  • Garlic Sauce Recipes.



  • Other Amazing Uses For Garlic.



Look Inside and check out this new addition to keep your organic gardening series collection up to date.



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