What Goes on Tour

| January 30, 2014


What Goes on Tour

What goes on tour, stays on tour is the old adage – but what happens when the likelihood of tour secrets being divulged becomes a real possibility?

With his marriage to the slightly depressed Lucy already under severe strain, Steve Sinclair, handsome stalwart of the Scottish team, is desperate to embark on the annual Scotland v England golf tour to Portugal. But with the trip being organised by twice-divorced, arrogant and promiscuous London banker Myles Cavendish, tensions in his and several of the others players’ homes are already running high. Aware that he is not the most popular guy on the trip, Cavendish is keen to make the 20th anniversary tour one to remember and determined to take the trophy back to England. Ignoring the pleas of his long-suffering but faithful friend Simon to hold back on some of his plans for ‘extracurricular’ activities, he revels in the opportunity to stir things up for his smug, happily married mates. However, when the inevitable fallout affects some of his closest friends, Cavendish has to pick up a lot more pieces than he bargained for, especially when his controlling and bullying tactics prove too much for struggling lawyer Callum Dunbar and the boys call in his formidable wife Maggie to sort things out. And when the abandoned wives decide to take on a few extra curricular activities of their own, things get even more complicated…


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