Not Just One: Running From Mystery

| January 30, 2014


Not Just One: Running From Mystery

Frazzled single mother and electronic store manager Kathy Sands battles for her children and her life throughout the disturbing disappearance of her babysitter and the re-appearance of her tooth-pick twirling “was-band” Billy. When fingers point at Billy he also vanishes, taking their children with him. Billy is wanted by Kathy, the sheriff, the police and a desperate drug dealer named Snake who figures if Kathy dies, Billy will show for the funeral.Despite flying snakes, a tango with a boa and explosions, Kathy must find her children and her babysitter and learn to put both feet and Not Just One down with all the men in her life, father and Sebastian, the gay spirit guide included, before it ends in catastrophe for them all.

Fast, fun mayhem, very Janet Evanovich-esque. Chick-lit with a naive 35 year-old detective with a nose for double trouble when least expected.

CT Book Review

“If I had known he would nuzzle me like that I would have worn something more solid. Like a mattress on my back.”

“Hey,” he yelled grabbing my arm again. “You don’t go nowhere until I say you do.” Okay. Whoa. Now that is one way to piss me off. Nobody other than my mother can talk to me like that.

“If I had known


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