Do you want your child to learn good manners, be polite and kind to others?

Follow Arthur through his day with family, friends, and schoolmates, showing how easy it is to collect and spread seeds of kindness. 

From making a bed in the morning to recycling – this book teaches how to think and act in a kind manner. When we are kind to the world, the world will be kind to us.

A lesson of kindness is found on every page. 


«Great book filled with many practical ideas on how to teach kids to be kind and polite. My daughter loves pictures so much!» – Emily Green

«Such a warm and positive book. Every child should read it!» – Jessica Ford

«Our world is lacking kindness these days. As parents, we can teach our kids to be kind to themselves, to parents and friends. This book is a must-have to any home or school library!» – Jack Foster

Book contains:

  • 15 professional illustrations
  • Text is short/not boring for kids
  • Book has a great moral 

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