From USA TODAY BESTSELLER Ryan Armstrong, a heartbreaking thriller fast forwards us into the future on an interstellar journey where we discover technology collides with memories but what defines us as humans can’t be forgotten – our feelings. 

I’m Emily Bircher. 

My memories were deleted.

I don’t remember.

But my feelings remain. 

I’m traveling space, to study alien life. 

Hoping feelings stop at the speed of light. 

2095: Dr. Emily Bircher is the most brilliant, celebrated research scientist on earth, a botanist, and a medical doctor. Emily loses her husband, Alaric. She dims her memory of him, calculating that is how to move on.

The US government invites her to embark on an interstellar mission to the exoplanet, Proxima b. Earth’s nearest neighbor. The planet has a strong magnetic field allowing it to retain an atmosphere like Earth’s.

Emily refuses to go, she is still grieving. The government deceives her, stealing her memories of Alaric from the chip in her brain. Leaving her with only scarred pain.

With nothing tethering her to earth anymore, she travels at nearly the speed of light to the planet, a five-year journey. Her groundbreaking research there uncovers alien life’s possibilities, while her experience provides evidence of humanity’s depraved, violent limits.

Emily still yearns for the husband she doesn’t know she had. He wasn’t carved out of her brain, the feeling of him is still etched into her heart.

Her greatest discovery on the planet is communication with an alien life form.

Through love.

Love is built from memories.

Emily finds memories create feelings that never truly go away.

To love, Emily must accept the feelings that lost memories create.

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