“SCAM SURVIVOR – how one victim fought back” by Jonathan Leakey

Fraud is the fastest growing crime in the world.  It is a crime that reaches across international borders.  No country is immune.

Whatever your age, if you have a bank account, a bank card, a computer and a smartphone, you are a potential victim of online or cybercrime. Millennials and the elderly are statistically the most at risk.  However, bankers, police officers, even fraud specialists have been conned!

This is the story of one man’s experience of a serious smishing scam, lasting just a few minutes.  He is neither a millennial nor elderly and thought himself safe. He was deceived by a text message supposedly coming from his bank and warning of fraudulent activity on his debit card. This fake text provoked a panicked phone conversation to a number given in that same text message, which ultimately led to the scammers gaining access to his online account and making a large unauthorised transfer.  This netted the scammers a tidy five figure sum, leaving him and his wife traumatised.

This book is for TWO types of reader:

  • for you, if you have not yet been a victim of fraud, and want to know how to spot a scam and protect yourself better.
  • for you, if you’ve been the victim of a scam. Maybe you have given up hope of ever recovering your money, or getting over the trauma of the experience. Find out how another victim fought back, recovered his money, and overcame the trauma.

You will discover:

  • How an online scam can happen
  • Strategies for getting back on your feet, and fighting to recover your money
  • How to deal with the trauma of getting scammed
  • How to spot a scam, avoid a scam and protect yourself from future scams
  • Information on the many and evolving scams that are out there
  • Where to find professional help and advice.

Don’t put off reading this book. It may save you from losing a lot of money. It may help you recover money if you’ve been scammed!

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