How hard would you fight to save your children?

A zombie plague swept the nation and killed a lot of good people.

The survivors left fight for every crumb and morsel just to keep on living one more day. Not enough food, not enough bullets, and too much terror.

The zombies aren’t the worst things left. Rogue militias turned bandits.

Marauders who will take everything and leave you dead.

Religious cults who think the walking dead are a sign of Armageddon.

The only thing in plenty of supply is jokes. And willpower.

Unbedning, enduring and fueled by rage, a desperate father treks across half the country to hunt for his lost children.

There are a million Z in his way.

He’ll kill them all.

A mad General has put a bounty on his head.

He’ll outrun him.

Fans call the Battlefield Z series “Addictive” and “my new top ten!”

Click above to download your copy of the Battlefield Z series and you’ll be hooked on this post apocalyptic comedy that will leave you wondering what you would do in the new dystopia to find your kids.

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