Did you know rabbits can drink as much as a small dog in a day?

Did you know that getting your bunny’s reproductive organs fixed decreases their risk of serious disease by 75%?

We assure you that after reading this book, you’ll be armed with enough information to adopt your baby bunny. The information here is very straightforward, uncomplicated, and very easy to follow. We keep it simple and educative to help you learn about every detail that is needed when raising a bunny. It is our pleasure to spread the knowledge we obtained in the past few years relative to our parenthood for our baby bunny.

You will have a direct understanding of every breed, every behavior, essentials, likes & dislikes, your bunny’s care, a list of toys that will cost you nothing, training for your bunny, and a whole lot more. You will also learn a lot of facts that are needed when raising your baby bunny; facts about their weight, average age when they stop growing, average life-span, how to determine your bunny’s age, the list goes on and on. This book offers a lot of training techniques, toy creation, food diets, spaying/neutering, and many more that you can apply for your bunny.

For us, there is no better feeling than knowing what our baby Grooty needs; we dedicated our lives to give her a better life, we did all the research needed to tend to her needs, and most of all we love her with all our hearts. You can also accomplish this by using your dedication, passion, and love. The most important thing is your attitude towards this book; you need to have an open mind when reading this book for you to have a guaranteed success when raising a bunny, your attitude determines the success towards a better life for your bunny.

We have done years of research to make sure our bunny has the best and healthiest life. We make sure that she is loved every day. Our mission is to spread the knowledge we have for our dear readers by sharing every detailed experience we learned as we became the owner of our bunny.

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