New school… New problems… New diary.

As if starting a new middle school isn’t bad enough; now, I’m pretty sure my adoptive mom wants to send me back to the orphanage, my evil adoptive sister is trying to ruin my life, and the entire eighth grade thinks I’m a total dork because of an unfortunate beach experience involving a poisonous jellyfish. (OK, it was only a waterlogged plastic baggie that I mistook for a jellyfish, but still.)

All of that, and more, recorded on the pages of this diary, and dedicated to “M”— the mother who gave me away.

Dear M …

Begin the entries in the diary of chronic outsider Willa Shisbey. From her constant humiliations at middle school, to the challenges of puberty, Willa shares her deepest secrets in a diary dedicated to the mother who gave her up for adoption.

 Both humorous and heartfelt, Unlucky Thirteen, the second book in the Confessions of a Nerdy Girl diary series, will appeal to fans of Terri Libenson, Raina Telgemeier, and Jennifer L. Holm. 

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