Meet the witches of Country Acres Coven, Kensleigh Landing East, where the suburbs and the supernatural just happen to overlap.

Mischa, Ellie, and Poe are more than just best friends and neighbors—they also form a coven of witches living right in the middle of a sleepy suburban town in North Carolina. They make the perfect neighborhood watch and always have an eye on what’s going on in their town. So, when a blonde bombshell with a mysterious past moves in, they’re understandably curious. Especially when, hours later, another neighbor drops dead.

Did their new neighbor murder their old one? Or did someone else want grumpy Edith Whitlow dead?

It’s up to the witches to solve Edith’s murder, but with PTA meetings, full-time jobs, and two talking cats underfoot, can they catch the culprit in time for their annual Christmas party?

If you’re a fan of funny witches and (sometimes) desperate housewives, you’ll love this!

This is a short, fun read that introduces the characters in the Suburban Witch series. This short origin story originally appeared in the anthology, ‘Spells and Jinglebells’.

Suburban Witch Series reading order:

Magic, Mistletoe, & Murder
Demons Don’t Play Fair
Spells Like Teen Spirit (Short story)

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