After Wimbledon

| January 31, 2014


After Wimbledon

A British chick lit / romantic comedy novel about tennis, romance, family and having the guts to move on to a new phase of your life.

After 12 years on the pro. tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough. She wants real life… and real love.

Her life, her decision. Right? Well, no one else seems to think so. With opinions on all sides, Lucy’s head is spinning. And she’s stumbling right into the arms of long-term crush and fellow player Sam. Shame her boyfriend – his arch-rival – would sooner smash a racquet over their heads than agree to a simple change of partners.

As the Wimbledon Championships play out, Lucy fights for her life on and off the courts. The question is: what will she be left with after Wimbledon?


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If you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes, Jane Costello or tennis romance, you’ll love this!

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Praise for After Wimbledon:

‘I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting book with strong characters and a great storyline.’

— Chick Lit Reviews & News

‘What a wonderful free book to read, tennis, twists/turns, great characters, kinda shocking at parts (didn’t see that coming), romance, sex, great content, easy to follow, I will have to give this story line 5 stars.’

— Tony, Goodreads

‘For someone like myself who’s into tennis, chick lit and celebrity gossip this one really was a great eye opener and brings the reader right to Wimbledon.’

— Frothy Reads

‘I loved this book… I was able to get inside the main character’s head and sympathize with her thoughts and feelings. I kept wanting to read and see what was going to happen next. I don’t know much about tennis, but even I got into the tennis action.’

— Alexx, Goodreads


Praise for Jennifer Gilby Roberts:

‘The writing was excellent, the plot was very engaging and the characters became friends you hated to leave behind.’

— Elisabeth Bennett, Amazon

‘This author has a fantastic way with words and knows how to engage the reader.’

— Nicola Smith, What Nikki Read

‘Jennifer Gilby Roberts has a wicked sense of humour that helps to convey a brilliant story.’

— Farmerchave, Amazon

‘It takes heart and soul to write, but it also takes a laundry basket of other talents to write a truly readable and enjoyable book. Ms Roberts appears to have the basketful at her disposal. I am anxiously awaiting the next offering from her.’

— Bobbye Hudspeth, Amazon

‘You may well suffer a longterm adoration of author Jennifer Gilby Roberts.’

— Best Chick Lit


After Wimbledon is a sports romance / chicklit kindle book, set around the Wimbledon tennis Championships.

Novel (approx. 70,000 words, 250 Kindle pages), suitable for age 16+ (sexual references, some sexy scenes – no graphic sex – and some mild profanity). Written in UK English. Paperback version to follow.

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