Poetry about life that celebrates love, offers comfort in heartbreak and inspiration to heal, move forward and try love again.

An emotional collection of prose in which you will discover the many sides to love, from the unrestrained joy of the first flutter of a new romance to the pain of heartbreak, and the journey to healing and finding the inspiration to try at love again.

An award-winning collection that is organized in the following three sections; The Love, In the Dark and The Light, to help you connect immediately to the emotion you are experiencing.

With poems as short as the four lines of Sparks, to longer and more thought-provoking verses such as Wasted, there is something for everyone to connect to as their own.

And whether you are picking it up in a snatched moment during a busy day or settling down for an evening of reading with a relaxing glass of wine, When Love Rises offers something that will touch the soul of any reader.

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