Do you feel as though you and your partner’s communication is beginning to fade?

Or do you worry that you and your partner aren’t as intimate as you would like?

Or are you thinking about how to improve communication in a relationship?

It may even be that you and your significant other are having difficulty overcoming a particular issue or source of conflict.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, To Get to You is a book for couples communication that you should be reading right now!

There is nothing more demoralizing than knowing you have a communication issue with your significant other, but not being sure how to rectify the situation and improve your relationship!

First, it’s essential to understand that all couples go through communication problems from time to time. Still, very few have the desire and motivation to do the research and eradicate the problem.

Second, you’ve come to the right place!

Like you, I have experience with a lack of communication in relationships. So much so that I decided enough was enough—I needed to share information so that others didn’t have to go through the bad experiences I’ve had.

With a series of personal experiences, detailed conversations with friends and family, and extensive research into the subject, I felt much better suited to tackle any communication issues going forwards.

The information I gathered made me feel confident about the subject. However, I was surprised at just how hard it is to find useful and helpful advice, either online or in any books.

That mindset brought me to writing this book, which covers everything you need to know about communication problems in a relationship and, most importantly, how to overcome them and have a happy, communicative partnership as a result.

After you have read this book, you will be able to:

?Communicate clearly and constructively with your partner about any and all issues

?Better understand what causes communication problems and how to resolve them before they even begin

?Recognize the need for good communication in a long-term relationship and how to continue to develop and nurture it

?Use effective couples communication skills and tools

And that’s not all!

This communication book for couples will give you all of the tricks you need to improve relationships with your partner, and it will also offer you an in-depth analysis of why communication fades and what signs to look out for.

This analysis will give you everything you need to prevent further communication issues in the future. And you can always revisit this book for a refresh at any time.

As the book is laid out in easy-to-digest, simple, but effective chapters, you may also discover that you can carry over some of the tips and tools into other aspects of your life to improve communication there as well. This could include not only a marriage relationship but also working relationships or friendships.

So don’t leave it until it’s too late! Start reading this book today and together with your partner and make the positive changes you deserve in your relationship.

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