Never give a Rattler your back…he might just strike your heart. 

I caught sight of him striding along the hall to our hotel room; head down, brows furrowed, oblivious to how devastatingly sexy he was. 
One shove from my best friend and I was dragging him into the darkness of our hotel room and commanding him. “Take it all off for me.” 

Rippling muscles, and an air of danger. He had to be the entertainment…a slow slide of his leather vest and we caught sight of it…

His gun. 

Diablo was no dancer…he was dangerous. 

Patched in with the deadly Black Diamond Rattlers his past was hunting him down and this time there was no escape. 

He put me on his bike and we tore along the highway of the criminal underworld. 

Only there was one problem…

It was a highway I knew all too well. 

My family were savages dressed in Armani.

Ruthless. Connected…and possessive of me. 

Now we’re on the run, hiding from the Rattlers and my family. 

They’ll have to drag us back kicking and screaming…

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