My Book: ‘Justice Is The Chef Serving You Up Hope’, is more than just a Poetry Book. It is about my life’s experiences. And, my perspective on the Human Condition in all of its Glory plus suffering. My hope is to connect my words with my readers. My desire is for my book to give a new, exciting point of view on old ideas. It is not just a book filled up with words, but rather it is meant to make you think, feel, and grasp a new perspective. The Human Condition is an internal force of nature, as well as ones experiences through the process called…Living! The thing about Poetry is as it changes hands, its story evolves into something more. Poetry at times can be healing, loving, Angry, Humorous, and Unnerving etc., but good Poetry at all times is worth a look! There is no right or wrong in Poetry, as the Soul does not lie.

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