In the spring of 1892, Cristy Anne Hayse would meet the person she was destined to spend the rest of her life loving. There was only one problem: The love of her life was a girl. The time was wrong, the place was wrong, but their love was real. From the moment Cristy Anne Hayes and Lisette Hayle locked eyes, both knew their lives would forever be connected. No one thought such a love could have begun in the small southern town of Green Springs. But it did, and it was beautiful. This is the two lovers’ unsung love story and the mark of a romance that would last a lifetime.

The Unsung Love Story is the first book in a series called The River. The next book in the series to be released will be called: Journey Home.

[Warning: This second edition book was not edited. There is some language, one sex scene, and Queer love. Do not buy this book if the reader is offended by any of the previously stated issues. The reader has been warned.]

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