Healing the Dead

| February 1, 2014


Healing the Dead

“You start reading Healing the Dead with a gasp and never get a proper chance to exhale.”

— Globe and Mail

A child is shot in a game of Mob

When David captures the accidental shooting death of his best friend on film, the Sykes family is torn apart by guilt, isolation and a terrible inability to love. Who to blame? Who can save them?

Their world is thrown into chaos

Children of ambitious parents, Jayne, Rose and David Sykes struggle to assert their individual identities in a world they believe is confused at best, brutally hypocritical at worst. Through the turbulent 1960s — as they move from Toronto to New York City — they struggle to keep their family intact. One by one, each must confront the emotional debris that threatens to break through their carefully constructed defenses.

Love offers the only salvation

Ultimately, the hand of love is extended to David. But can he embrace it? Powerful and disturbing, Healing the Dead is an unforgettable story of the search for salvation in the rapidly changing morality of the 1960s.


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