My Poetic Path

| February 1, 2014


My Poetic Path

My Poetic Path: Selected Poems 2000-2010 by Geraldine Helen Hartman

Poetic themes that will resonate with many readers…

-Nature and the changing seasons.

-The ebb and flow of life and love.

-Family, friends and pet friends.

-Timeless and treasured memories.

˃˃˃ Here’s what some readers are saying about this timeless poetry collection:

“Geraldine Helen Hartman’s: My Poetic Path, took me to roses at midnight and wonderful weeds in the garden to memories and heartfelt love.

She writes with a refreshing clarity and exquisite selection of detail. She speaks of the seasons like old friends, but my favorite was probably In My Kitchen, a delightful experience, as the book is.”

Ed Pilolla, author of Dragonfly, A Book of Love Letters and The Glitch.

“Having followed Ms. Hartman’s blog for several years, it’s a pleasure to find her work in print. Her poetic words define life’s experiences in a natural, gentle and thoughtful way. Her poetry is so delightful, it begs to be read and reread for pure enjoyment.”

Sue Turner, author of Running with Scissors and South of Winter.

“Geraldine Hartman is wonderful at weaving words together to make ordinary thoughts accessible and provoking. As I am not an avid poetry reader, I don’t always understand poetry but this collection is quite easy to read and understand.

“I like to think of this collections as little tributes of loves somehow. Little notes perhaps to say what hasn’t been say or what could have been said. Of cause no one speaks in poetry forms in the normal day to day but if we did, they would sound like Ms. Hartman’s poetry.

I especially like ‘The Night Train,’ which is a story about a chance meeting. It has quite a nice atmosphere. And for some reason, I think the other piece, “Fading Memories” sounds like a sequel to ‘The Night Train.’ I like to think there’s a connection there and that she stills waits for him. Those are my favorite pieces along with “Wild is the Wind” and “In the forest of my dreams” which is the beginning piece of this collection.

I like this collection very much and highly recommend it.”

The Rain Girl, NYC visual artist.

˃˃˃ About the Author:

Geraldine Helen Hartman is a freelance writer, poet, cookbook author, artisan and avid blogger.

She is also the author of the Haiku Reflections series and the novel: Third Chapter, Second Chance.

Geraldine lives in the Kootenay area of BC Canada, where she is currently working on a new cookbook and novel.

Download a copy of: My Poetic Path today! Enjoy a poetic and meditative break from the hectic pace of everyday life.


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