Love Letters From Dresden - Art?rius series Book 1 - ASIN B07T1PQYCG

WWII love letters tell of romance and tragedy.
Moving her mother into a nursing home, Jacinta discovers a bundle of old love letters setting her on a journey of discovery. What unfolds is a touching story of lost but enduring love, a tale of death and heartbreak. But sometimes the truth is best undisturbed.
“With the winds of time, love letters drift from our lives, taking their secrets with them”.

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Meet Mark A. Biggs

Hi. I’m Mark Biggs and I write stories. I am the best-selling author of the moving Max & Olivia series, a beautiful romance called Love Letters From Dresden and Above and Beyond, my father’s WWII journey – a story of war and faith. I love writing and there are more tales and ripping yarns to come.

On the side, I enjoy a little motor sport journalism and with my wife as co-driver, don’t mind having a spin myself