Golf Doesn’t Have to Suck anymore!

*Paperback version is excellent size to carry in your golf bag*

Beginner and average golfers – Learn how to improve your score and confidence on the course in this short read. 

I’ll take you through the approach I utilized to go from very average to pretty damn good.  A relatable golf book for the average player looking to improve their game.  For most of us, understanding and implementing swing mechanics from a book is not an effective method for improvement.  I went from an eighteen to a three handicap without obsessing over the mechanics of the game.  If I can do it, so can you.  This short, ‘no fluff’ book will offer a different approach to simplify the game and lower your score. 

After reading this you will be able to:

  • Implement key strategies into your golf game
  • Understand why you’re hitting errant shots and how to fix it
  • Know how to properly prepare for a round and what to focus on
  • Develop a different approach to the game that will create confidence in your game

And much more!

“Must have for any golfer…the mental side is so important and Connor simplifies so many steps inside of the game.” Kindle Customer Review

“Definitely helped me narrow in on some areas where I needed to improve my game the most. And best of all it is quick and easy read that is as relatable as it is humorous.” Brett, Amazon Customer Review