Jackpot (Frank Renzi mystery series)

| February 3, 2014


Jackpot (Frank Renzi mystery series)

A serial killer murders lottery winners. Hitting the jackpot can kill you!

  • Nigel Heath wants to be the next Boston Pops conductor. A compulsive gambler, he’s deeply in debt. He’s also madly in love with Vicky, a Pops clarinetist. When he wins the lottery, he thinks his problems are over, but they’re just beginning.
  • Homicide Detective Frank Renzi is hunting a serial killer who targets lottery winners. Don’t miss the exciting showdown between Renzi and the killer.
  • “The coolest detective in literature today – Frank Renzi!” — Feathered Quill Book Reviews
  • Jackpot is a prequel to earlier books in the Frank Renzi series. DATELINE: Boston in 2000, before Frank moved to New Orleans. Follow Frank and his relentless pursuit of justice in Absolution, Diva, and Natalie’s Revenge, previous novels in the series.

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