Meow or Never(Magical Cool Cats Mysteries)

| February 4, 2014


Meow or Never(Magical Cool Cats Mysteries)

It’s the 1920s. Nothing interesting happens before 2 a.m. When a wealthy stockbroker’s wife disappears, Grace, Jack, and magical cats, Tatania & Zeus, rush to find her.

“Cats truly live their nine lives at night. Zeus, a cute and mischievous tomcat, kept following the tide in and out, letting the water sprinkle his nose, and acting surprised when the tide chased him back to shore. Wet, he shook like a puppy. Then, he sniffed each front paw carefully. Tatania, a magical white Persian, looked away. She was terribly fond of Zeus. But sometimes he was just a tad unseemly.

He scampered excitedly towards their favorite humans, a slender woman in a sparkling dress, and a muscular man with black hair and skin kissed brown by the sun. Zeus rolled around on the sand. Maybe he had dog blood in him. Tatania shuddered at the thought of that mating.”


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