How To Diagnose Your Character: Using Psychology To Create an In-Depth Character

| February 4, 2014


How To Diagnose Your Character: Using Psychology To Create an In-Depth Character

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Take Your Characterization Skills To The Next Level!

By following the guidelines in this book you will create powerful characters that readers will want to know more and more about.

Praise for How to Diagnose Your Character:

The League of Utah Writers Non-Fiction Winner of 2013 (Golden Quail award)

“This book is absolutely fantastic for helping with fictional character development.” – C

“This book taught me how to look at my characters and develop them in a manner that will make them more human, or inhuman as necessary.” – EA Younker

“Let me just say the man can write a nonfiction manual that didn’t bore me to death.” – Cara K Malone

Think of your favorite character, the one that changed your life and made you look at people and the world differently.

What did the author do in order to bring that character to life?

Creating these characters requires that writers master the principles of human behavior. We accomplish this by understanding how people react, change, and make decisions.

In essence, we must learn to diagnose our characters just as psychologists diagnose people.

In this book, you will:

Gain Knowledge About

  • Human Behavior
  • How and Why We Think The Way We Do
  • Human Development

Learn Valuable Exercises

  • People Watching
  • Observing our Own Senses
  • Functional Assessments

and much more

Additionally, each chapter contains a section in which Joshua has used the techniques and knowledge gained from the chapter to create a sample character.

After learning the material in this book you will create complicated and authentic characters that will withstand the scrutiny of readers and critics alike.

“This book will be very helpful in creating characters, especially those quirky ones!” – Charmaine “Author of My Zombie Dog”

“I never knew so much psychology was involved when creating a character.” – Danielle Benevento



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