An American Outlaw

| February 7, 2014


An American Outlaw

  • The No. 1 Chart-Topper in Crime / Action Fiction (Kindle US)
  • ‘A rip-roaring 21st century western…a relentless pursuit among the sun-scorched mountain trails and dirt tracks of west Texas…If you enjoy Cormac McCarthy or Jim Thompson, this is easily worth the cover price. A considerable achievement…’   R. Hoseason.  Amazon  Top 50 ‘Hall of Fame’ Reviewer
  • ‘as a Veteran, who also spent years in rural Texas, was able to relate and enjoy…’ 

The scion of one of the West’s great outlaws comes home from the war in IraqGilman James, the last of three childhood friends to return.

His brothers-in-arms are mere shadows of their former selvesGil, unmarkeddetermines to take care of them. But how far should a man go for the people he loves?
Stepping across the line between right and wrong, Gil finds himself stranded in the Texan desertas a bank heist he’s planned goes horribly wrong. Pursued into the badlands by US Marshal John Whicher, Gil crosses paths with Tennille Labrea; an outlander, with her own demons to fight. Shielding a secret too precious to share with anyone, she’s ready to cross her own line in the sand.
What makes an outlaw? Marshal John Whicher, veteran of the First Gulf War thinks he knows. But can natural justice ever outrank the law? For three very different people a moment of reckoning is set in train: violent, defining; inescapable.

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