16 Heatherdale Drive

| February 7, 2014


16 Heatherdale Drive

Every street has its secrets: the madness in number seven; the domestic violence in number four; the poltergeist in number fifteen; or the Peeping Tom at number twenty-one. In Heatherdale Drive, a peaceful cul-de-sac home to two dozen families and several singletons, those secrets were locked within number sixteen.

16 Heatherdale Drive is derelict for most of the year. The windows are coated with grime and a thick layer of dust settles on the decaying facade, but for one night of the year — on Halloween — 16 Heatherdale Drive comes to life and forces the residents of this quiet street into hiding.

16 Heatherdale Drive is a collection of five chilling horror stories — including this eponymous tale — from horror and comedy author David Jester. Infused with Jester’s quirky sense of humour and passion for the surreal, 16 Heatherdale Drive is an unforgettable collection.


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