Fugitive Millionaire (Fabian Cooper Book One)

| February 7, 2014


Fugitive Millionaire (Fabian Cooper Book One)

Fabian Cooper could be running his family’s hugely successful hospitality empire, but has chosen to turn his back on corporate life so he can do whatever he pleases. These days he’s into producing independent films. His choice to be his own man has strained his relationship with his super achiever father, Gray.

Despite his lack of business ambition, Fabian has no trouble attracting beautiful ladies. He’s impossibly handsome, a great lover and enjoys the good life thanks to an ample trust fund. The one thing he hasn’t found yet is a woman that can truly love him in a way that fills up his deeper emotional well.

Claire Decker has finally found a job she loves as the executive assistant to Nathan Prewitt, the president of Cooper Enterprises. Although, her professional life is satisfying, her personal life is going nowhere. Finding a guy who can fulfill all of her needs would truly be a dream come true, but how likely is that to happen in a city of millions?

While visiting his best friend, Nathan, at Cooper Enterprises Fabian and Claire meet. Sparks fly when they both realize they have an instant magnetic connection that is unlike any other they’ve experienced. Just as their budding relationship gains steam, everything changes when a warrant is issued for Fabian’s arrest.

Will Claire follow her heart and stick by Fabian or let him walk out of her life?

How far will Fabian go to keep from being arrested until he can clear his name?

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