The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat

| October 12, 2018


The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat

What if a cat told the story of Jesus of Nazareth?

Maybe you’d listen. Cats don’t often share their thoughts.

What if a cat’s memories preserved a picture of Jesus lost by the early church long ago in its struggles to survive?

You’d find no dogma, only a cat’s simple love—and that’s a new story altogether.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“Imagine if the author of Watership Down had written The Shack!”

“For the first time, I finally understand what the point, the power, and the beauty of “he is risen” is about – hey, it only took 50 years and a cat to translate!”

“I know of one person who would have loved this book—and that is C. S. Lewis . . . A delightful combination of simplicity and deep theological insight.”

“The words left the pages and entered my heart, soul and spirit. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.”

The story of Yeshua’s Cat

Mari is a cat living by her claws on the fringes of the Judean desert. Yeshua ben Yosef is a man with healing hands, seeking solitude in the wastes beyond Qumran. ??

Their paths cross when Yeshua drives away a pack of wild dogs and rescues the wounded cat, carrying her in his arms to a wadi where he settles to pray. An unusual friendship grows up between them, deepened by Yeshua’s ability to speak with animals, and when he leaves the wilderness, she rides with him, hidden in a sling beneath his robe. More than any other, she is Yeshua’s companion in the quiet times. ??

Mari narrates the life of Jesus of Nazareth from a cat’s eye-view, frequently losing the thread of his teaching as she drowses, focusing instead on their times alone. When crowds press close for healing, she withdraws behind the folds of his robes. On her own, she pursues a friendship with Mary Magdalene,and looks on as Yeshua transforms the very elements of Earth in his miracles.

???Mari loves Yeshua beyond the wont of cats. But in loving him, she discovers loneliness and fear of loss. How can a cat who lives in the eternal Now cope with sudden awareness of the future, with all its uncertainty and pain? ??

Still, in the end, all roads lead to the Passover festival in Jerusalem, where Mari experiences depths of wonder unsuspected by those caught up in the tumult around her. ?

“Behold, I do a new thing: see, it springs forth from the bud! Can you not perceive it? Even the beasts of the field will glorify Me.”

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