Goodbye All My Children

| September 20, 2011

In 1970 an enterprising writer created a socially conscious daytime TV drama called All My Children. This show went on to be the number one ranked daytime show from the late 1970’s up till the early 1990’s. All My Children wasn’t like any other soap opera, it tackled many controversial issues and raised awareness. The consistent theme throughout the show were the people of Pine Valley and it was always amazing how the lives of a small subset of Pine Valley residents always managed to stay intertwined.

All My Children aired for 41 years and I was along for the ride for almost 30 of those years. The one thing that always kept me coming back to the show was the well written script and how it was filled with a lot of humor. No matter how wacky or outrageous the story line was there were always subtle little twists and comments that were hilarious, if you were a regular viewer and knew the characters and previous plot twists. Agnes Nixon, the show’s creator was a true visionary, and it always warmed my heart when she would make little cameo appearances.

Throughout the years people lost their patience for cliffhangers, at least ones that were as drawn out as they were in the original soaps, and All My Children adapted. In fact, in the last year most cliff hangers on the show, lasted only one or two episodes, a far cry from months of waiting to find out; who the kidnapper was or the outcome of the trial. One thing that stayed consistent on the show were the characters and the main families. Even though some actors and characters would come and go, many actors spent the entire 40 years on the show, and many who went away would come back years later.

This week is a historical week because it is the end of a show that many people have grown up with. Even though there are plans to continue the show on the Internet or possibly on a cable network this week is the final week of a 41 year old show. Good bye All My Children. You were silly and fun and it was great watching you evolve over the years.

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