Romantic Treats – 39 Food & Drink Recipes

| February 10, 2014


Romantic Treats - 39 Food & Drink Recipes to Set the Mood on Valentine's Day & Other Special Occasions

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

A wonderful way to celebrate a romantic relationship is through the kind of food that creates the mood for love. Food that looks, smells, tastes, feels and even sounds romantic.

Jean LeGrand’s “Romantic Treats” includes 39 recipes for sexy appetizers, sensual desserts and mood-setting cocktails. Most of them can be made in a few simple steps.

Valentine’s Day is a standout day to show your lover how special they are to you by making them unique treats that set the stage for love. Jean LeGrand will help you surprise your sweetheart with romantic treats that you took the time and effort to make just for them.

Some of the recipes include:

Appetizers: Cherry Brie Tartlets – Stuffed Mushrooms – Boursin Cherry Tomatoes – Oysters a la Champagne

Desserts: Raspberry Gratin – Pomegranate Aril Chocolate Bark – Cinnamon Cheesecake – Strawberries Sabayon – Molten Chocolate Cake

Cocktails: Cranberry Kiss – Bellini – Between the Sheets – Island Romance – Chocolate Margarita

Take a few moment to show your romantic side to your someone special … with Jean LeGrand’s “Romantic Treats”, it will be quick, easy and delicious.

Scroll up and buy a copy right now, so you can start planning that special night for your special someone.

“Yes, this is a cook book and well-crafted recipes are the focus”, says chef Jean LeGrand about his new book “Romantic Treats.” “But, beyond that, this is a book about romance and taking the time and making the effort to prepare a few of these specially selected dishes to send a message of love.”


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