| February 10, 2014


Brace yourself for a fight! Boston’s District Attorney, Bruce Hudson, must prosecute the Mafia to keep the city safe, but the Mafia doesn’t play fair. When Bruce puts the Adelaide family on trial, the boy that he’s trying to adopt goes missing, and all that’s left in his place is a cryptic message. Welcome to Boston’s underworld, home of organized crime! Mafia Kingpin Victor Adelaide has built a deadly empire out of drugs, prostitution, and murder, and his son, Gabe, will inherit the family business… and Bruce finds out the hard way that this father and son are a force to be reckoned with. After a jury mysteriously votes not to convict, Bruce learns that the Adelaides have other plans than just winning in court, and the child that he cares about is now in danger. Can Bruce protect an orphan from the Mafia’s plans? Hold on to your Kindle with both hands, as this suspenseful story explores life in the underworld for one of Boston’s most vulnerable citizens.

**In just a few months after its release, FIGHT skyrocketed to #1 in Psychological Suspense and #2 in Crime Thrillers with thousands of new fans! Don’t miss out on this ebook sensation!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brent Coffey is a college student, an avid reader, and a guy who’s hopelessly addicted to fiction. He splits his time in Kentucky between writing term papers for school and writing thrillers for fun. FIGHT is his first novel, and he is currently writing its sequel. He began writing FIGHT in early 2013, while recovering from a life-threatening illness.

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