Isabel’s Run (Danny Logan Mystery #3)

| February 10, 2014


Isabel's Run (Danny Logan Mystery #3)

When danger comes lurking in the night, most people run home and hide–safe behind a locked door. For others, though, running home isn’t the answer. For these unlucky ones, when the front door closes and locks at night–the horror’s not locked outside. It’s locked inside.

New, from M.D. Grayson: an action packed Danny Logan  mystery that dives headlong into the seamy world of child prostitution. as Logan sets out to rescue a family friend.

Praise for Isabel’s Run…

“Excellent writing – slaps you upside the head!”

Spongy Bob

Book Reviewer

“Really touched my heart.”


Book Reviewer


Isabel Delgado knows all about horror. For nearly five years, her step-father subjects her to the kind of abuse and depravation that no child should ever have to endure. But Isabel survives. Her spirit is strong and she never gives up hope. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Isabel takes a stand. She wakes early, gathers her things in a school backpack, and with a last look behind, she runs. But Isabel’s not prepared for what she finds.

In the third Danny Logan mystery novel, Seattle author M.D. Grayson brings Danny Logan and the entire team at Logan PI-“Toni” Blair, Kenny Hale, and “Doc” Kiahtel–back for their most exciting and most important adventure yet. Their mission–find Isabel and rescue her from the street gangs and the seething cauldron of teen-age prostitution and human trafficking.

More praise for Isabel’s Run:

” Fantastic Author!  I discovered this author a few months ago and got hooked on his books immediately!”

Susan Yates

Book Reviewer

” The subject matter is a little disturbing, but you love the good guys!”


Book Reviewer

If you enjoy the intrigue of Dennis Lehane, the wit of Janet Evanovich and the grittiness of Robert Parker, you’re going to M.D. Grayson.

Be on the look out for Mona Lisa Eyes – M.D. Grayson’s newest adventure to be released in September.


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