Life In a Box

| February 13, 2014


Life In a Box

Stuck between a difficult marital and financial situation and an unceasing desire to keep a promise to his dying friend, David embarks on a journey to fulfill his commitment. In a lifelike fish-out-of-water scenario, David navigates language and cultural barriers to win the day. But can he convince his doubtful wife, Sarah, it is all worthwhile?

Life In a Box has a broad appeal in that it takes the reader on an international journey complete with historical perspective and an unending commitment to friendship. Readers who have lost a friend or loved one before his or her time will relate to David’s desire to help in any way possible.

Do not be fooled by the brevity of page count—Life In a Box is filled with captivating content. Jeff Keenan takes the reader on a journey of his or her own, excavating the answers to a mystery for both David and the reader.

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