Always: You’ll Never Walk Alone

| February 13, 2014


Always: You'll Never Walk Alone

Always is a historical romance trilogy… plus one – A quadrology!

The “Always” quadrology spans 4 centuries, and is a story of love and loss, deceit and despair, and finally reunion and redemption.

Stephen and Sarah first meet in London in1731. But their life together is short and filled with pain, loss and ultimately death. But that is not the end of their story. Their love is so strong it survives even death and Stephen and Sarah meet again in 3 more lifetimes.

In “Always – You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the first book in the series Stephen meets Sarah when she arrives at the Fox tavern in London. They fall in love and for a few weeks are as happy as only teenagers experiencing first love can be.

But when Sarah is kidnapped, the young lovers will learn that nothing—not deceit, not evil, not even death—can break the bonds of love. For after Stephen discovers that Sarah is trapped in Cornwall as a prisoner of the evil Lord Beecham, he sets off on a journey to the far south west of England to rescue her.

Traversing the English countryside, Stephen risks everything in a desperate bid to free the girl he loves.

From London to Cornwall, with many detours in between, “Always” an uplifting tale of love and adventure will have you alternately laughing and crying, and constantly turning the page to find out what happens next.

“Always” is a historical romance trilogy plus 1, inspired by journeys through my past lives.

A great gift for Valentines Day, or for anyone who has ever loved and lost a soulmate!


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