From Finland with Love: A Novel

| February 13, 2014


From Finland with Love: A Novel

Thirty-three-year-old Alina Eskala’s Finnish time clock is ticking as fast as her hair styles are changing. Lonely and without family, she’s clueless about finding the love and connection she wants…until an unknown “cousin” suddenly arrives from Finland with his hot friend and her life steams up like a sauna.

In a Finnish flash, Alina’s solitary, orderly life combusts. She finds herself unwittingly entangled in a surprising love triangle-quadrangle, while plagued by repressed grief, a spell of mind-boggling headaches, wacky dates, and some truly tragic hair days.

Alina bumbles ahead with humor and classic Finnish sisu—spunk, grit, and (often foolish) stubbornness, ultimately flying to Finland to put closure on the past and begin afresh.

Will this summer of love and woe help Alina finally deal with the heartbreak of her parents’ deaths and the inner flaws that prevent her from finding happiness? And where is “home”—the U.S. or Finland?

“From Finland with Love is studded with stunning descriptive prose about the American and Finnish landscape which had me yearning to go. I also loved learning about the Finnish culture which is described so beautifully. The inevitable disasters had me cringing and giggling in equal measures and despite her numerous mistakes, I never stopped rooting for Alina.”

–Nikki Mason,

“A wonderful, rich and funny book packed with engaging characters, witty

dialogue, tender moments and indelible scenes filled with sweetness and longing,

mishaps and misunderstandings, all told with a distinctive Finnish flare… and if

you’re at all curious what that means, you absolutely, positively have to read


–Tom Parker, author of ANNA ANN ANNIE

“FROM FINLAND WITH LOVE swept me away. I was on board and fully engaged from the very first scene to its satisfying ending. Alanko writes with humor and grace, deftly weaving moments of poignancy and longing with madcap antics and sparkling dialogue. Alina is an unforgettable character and the supporting cast of characters is rich, varied and utterly original. I highly recommend this book.”

–Vicky Mlyniec, Award-winning writer and editor


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