Laid Out and Candle Lit

| February 14, 2014


Laid Out and Candle Lit

What do Sweet Thangs, Orgasm Pie, and a murder in Brownsboro, TX all have in common? Tizzy Donovan. Tizzy is a small town girl, a widow, single mother, daughter to the best baker in town, sister to the county Sheriff, and also known as the local girl who talks to the dead. After almost five years without a man, she’s pent up and hot to trot! And in small town Brownsboro, population 854, pardon 853, the roster of available men is just plain lousy.

When Tizzy discovers the body in the cemetery, she goes to prime suspect number one, and lands in a decidedly unsweetened pickle. With lead after lead placing her in the crosshairs, her only hope and potential damnation come in the form of Texas Ranger Ridge Cooper. Cutting his teeth on his first case, Ranger Cooper and his interest in the sexy Tizzy lead them both to combine his will to solve the case with her sassy come-backs and a good helping of Better than Sex Cupcakes.

With pressure mounting on both of them, will this formidable duo, be able to find a murderer and love within the once sleepy confines of Brownsboro, TX?


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