The Angel of Elydria (The Dawn Mirror Chronicles)

| February 14, 2014


The Angel of Elydria (The Dawn Mirror Chronicles)

After the strangest day of her life, college student Penny Fairfax finds herself stranded in Elydria, a sister-world to Earth, with only her college professor beside her. Her professor, Hector Arlington, reveals himself to be the sole-survivor of a distant world that has met an apocalyptic end. The two quickly find trouble, and for Penny this means death.

In a stroke of luck, she is revived from the edge of peril, only to find that has the power to manipulate the dreams of others. This enables her to unlock hidden secrets from the past, as well as create vivid illusions.

However, this new gift comes with a cost— she is now being haunted by a malicious specter with an iron funeral mask for a face. Now Penny must escape its wicked intentions for her, solve the mystery that is bringing havoc to the world of Elydria, and get home without meeting death for a second time.

The cover image and twelve breathtaking illustrations inside are all the work of artist Margaux Kindhauser.


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