The Intelligent Young Man’s Guide to Life and Love

| February 14, 2014


The Intelligent Young Man's Guide to Life and Love


The author of THE INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN’S GUIDE TO LIFE AND LOVE is disgusted by the way our culture treats young men as childish clowns driven only by adrenalin and testosterone. In 70 short chapters, The Smart Old Guy opens new pathways for young men like you with the brains and imagination to want more out of life than what they see on TV. And he does it without preaching—this book is written for people who enjoy style and wit.

If you possess a spirit of adventure and want to taste everything spread on Life’s table, you need to discover the wisdom found in THE INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN’S GUIDE TO LIFE AND LOVE. Click on the cover in the upper left, read a sample, and see how this writing is unlike anything else out there.

THE INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN’S GUIDE TO LIFE AND LOVE will tell you why it is a good thing to be a snob, how to watch out for the tricks the old play on the young, which four magic words will open any door (and must never be said!), and why a rapid retreat is often the true Way of the Warrior.

The Smart Old Guy also has lot to say about those fascinating women you need to resist—and probably won’t be able to. It tells myths and stories about, among other things, an Indian goddess come to earth and an ancient Greeks who tells us how to live by knowing how to die.

He tells you what strange books to read and what bizarre films to see. And in a handful of sentences he will tell you whether you should get married or not. And he gives dozens of tips on breaking free of our trashy—and increasingly stupid—mass culture.

As he says: “I am disgusted by old people who are too lazy to teach the young what they need to know and then sneer at them for screwing up.”

The Smart Old Guy offers the harvest of a lifetime that includes everything from service on the White House staff, to being an award-winning playwright, to driving a forklift in a sneaker factory. He has explored life from many diverse angles and is not shy about sharing what he has learned on his long journey.


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