The Impact of Social Media And Screen Time on Youth (Bargain Read)

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‘’The Impact of Social Media and Screen Time on Youth’’

is a beautifully written and easy to read guide for anyone who is trying to instill healthy online habits in today’s youth.

With today’s technology, we spend more time on screen than any other activities. With social media being one of the most prevalent part of our society, from getting family and friends updates, keeping track of the weather, staying up to date on current events and so on, it is more important than ever to make sure that our kids and teens are being safe and responsible.

Social media can be great for a lot of things! But can also cause a lot of issues. For instance, did you know that social media addiction and screen time misuse are serious problems that can have dangerous long-term effects.?

If this makes you nervous, fear not! In this book, are tips and strategies that can help establish healthy online habits for teens and young adults. The answer to your online worries is just inside. 

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