Amazon Silk May Be Best Feature Of Kindle Fire

The new Kindle Fire has a lot going for it; a 7″ tablet, powered by a dual-core processor, that cost under $200, a color touch-screen, with access to all of the media that Amazon offers, and it is the latest device that is likely to sell out, before it’s release date of November 15th. What really sets the Kindle Fire apart from other tablets is Amazon Silk. Silk is a new split web browser that harnesses the power of Amazon’s EC2 cloud services.

What this means is it is a mobile device that is fast for streaming media and Internet browsing. Instead of downloading a low resolution image, with the power of the cloud, Silk users should be able to have fast loading high resolution images. Couple this with all of the multi media benefits of Amazon Prime Streaming Media, and we have a fast, capable, portable, media device. If you are a nerd like me;  you can learn about Silk from the other nerds at Amazon.